What is the LayerZero Gas Refuel Bridge?

Gas LayerZero is a gas refuel bridge built on the LayerZero v2 protocol. You can instantly bridge to all supported LayerZero destination chains with a single inbound transaction.

What makes the LayerZero Gas Refuel Bridge different than other LayerZero bridges?

The LayerZero Gas Refuel Bridge supports a wide range of inbound and destination chains, much more than the average LayerZero bridge. Additionally, users can bridge to multiple destination chains with just a single inbound transaction. Every destination chain counts as its own individual LayerZero protocol interaction. For example, this means you can send a 0.1E inbound transaction and receive 0.01E on ten separate destination chains at once.

What source and destination chains are supported?

All source and destination chains are specified in the application when a user selects what chain their inbound transaction initiates from. The available destination chains depend on what source chain is selected, and these routes are defined by the LayerZero relayers. Not all chains are available as a destination chain, depending on what inbound chain is selected. Currently the LayerZero Gas Refuel Bridge supports 0 inbound chains and 50 outbound chains, with more coming as the LayerZero protocol continues to expand.

How can I check my transactions status or confirm its delivery?

To confirm a transaction has been processed or to check on its status, a user can check their "My Transactions" tab at the bottom right of their page to discover the LayerZeroScan explorer link. The LayerZeroScan explorer link will open in a new tab and display the full cross-chain transaction status, similar to Etherscan.

Are the LayerZero Gas Refuel Bridge contracts open-source?

Yes, the LayerZero Gas Refuel Bridge contracts are all public and open-source, verified on-chain. All chains can be seen at the contract address 0xBf94Ed69281709958c8f60bc15cD1bB6BADCd4A4.

What if I have an additional question or need support?

If you need any additional assistance, please come join the Gas Discord and open a support ticket.